How Data Science Entered the Corporate World

A brief overview of how an academic branch of analysis came to
dominate on Wall Street and Main Street.

What’s inside this Whitepaper

Learn how quantitative analysis first made an appearance in New York when the rise of electronic trading systems drew mathematicians to Wall Street.
Understand how the growing demand for tools led the adoption of analytics and data infrastructure for organizations to succeed.
How the term “Data Science” was coined and became mainstream.
Where the future of Data Science is headed.
The Early Waves of Data Science
Read about the early days of data science, how companies profited from the insatiable demand for data and how an academic branch of analysis came to dominate on Wall Street and Main Street.
About the Author
Jon Shepherd brings valuable knowledge and experience in Machine Learning/AI, RDBMS, enterprise application software, cloud computing, and much more to Vectice.

Jon has 30 years of professional experience and witnessed the explosive growth of data science first-hand. He decided to write a paper for Vectice which chronicles the major turning points in the history of data science.

Previously, he has worked at Explorium, Anaconda, Julia Computing and Netezza in various sales-related roles.

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