THRIVE: New York City Data Leaders

Get the key insights from our event in New York.

What’s inside this Whitepaper

Three prominent data science leaders shared actionable insights from real-world applied data science.
In this white paper, you will discover topics such as:
Talent acquisition and retention: Get actionable tips for talent retention
Aligning AI with the business: How to ensure your team's priorities are those of your business?
Centralized vs. Embedded Teams: Understand why you need to centrally build your data team before distributing it
A Conversation with Data Leaders
Topics from the event included: talent acquisition and retention, aligning AI with the business, and centralized vs. embedded teams. Three prominent data science leaders from Monte Carlo, Pitney Bowes, and Yelp shared actionable insights from real-world applied data science and left the audience inspired.

About the authors

Irina Ashurova
Sr. Director of Data Development @ Pitney Bowes

Formerly leading the BI team responsible for analyzing data and business requirements and providing reports and data visualization.

Shane Murray
Former SVP of Data and Insights @ The New York Times

Formerly leading the entire data organization at The New York Times. Responsible for the Data and Insights Team with a heavy focus on the data platform.

Justin Norman
Former VP of Data Science @ Yelp

Formerly leading Data Science and Data Product at Yelp, responsible for five functional Data Science teams and the corporate Data Product Management team.

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