About Vectice

Vectice enables modeling teams to auto-document directly from Python and R Code,
no matter their tools, frameworks, and AI platforms.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the way enterprise Data Science teams manage and document their work to collaborate with the rest of the business.

We build platform-agnostic auto-documentation solutions for ML projects and their governance, which provides a unified view of all data science initiatives across an organization.
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About Vectice

Vectice automates ML documentation, capturing metadata, lineage, and context with simple APIs.

Our web app provides real-time visibility into project progress and details. With Vectice, you can scale ML best practices, streamline cross-functional interfaces, and ensure robust end-to-end documentation governance.

Vectice offers painless and efficient ML documentation and governance, enabling trustworthy models to be delivered faster in production.
Image of founders Cyril Brignone and Gregory Haart
Our Values

Passion, Challenge, Learning, and Giving

Passion, challenge, learning and giving - these are the values that motivate us every day at Vectice! We strive to show our passion in everything we do, challenge ourselves to learn and grow, and give back to our community. With this mindset, we create an energizing work environment that is both fun and inspiring. Join us on our journey to make an impact!
“Scaling AI is not only about increasing the flow of models from POC to production; it is also about scaling across business silos and designing network effects to scale enterprise-wide intelligence. By scaling systems that are flexible and resilient enterprises will be able to deliver measurable value from projects(…)”
Gartner, Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence

Meet the Vectice Team

We’re spread all across the world. Join us!
Join us!
Cyril Brignone
Cyril Brignone
Founder & CEO
Gregory Haart
Gregory Haardt
Founder & CTO
Christian Kaas
Aidan Nell
Software Engineer
Alexander Hoe Gorgin
Analyst, Growth
Bill Tinsley
Bryan D'Aversa
Lead Data Science
Chistine Drejer Jackobsen
Analyst, Growth
Cyprien Desjars
Cyril Mathe
Head of Engineering
Eric Barre
Solution Engineering
Gaelle Abautret
Ines Cerdan
Chief of Staff
Jim Ha
Kelly Wang
UX Designer
Murat Kangal
QA Engineer
Remy Thellier
Head of Growth & Partnerships
Ronan Laplaud
Software Engineer
Simon Pasquereau
Software Engineer
Steven Lardeux
Finance & HR
Sylvain Derory
Software Engineer
Thomas Sauques
Lead Frontend
Yannick Betou
Lead Backend
Yesha Lester
Technical Writer


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