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Our blog is for leaders who wants read about top of mind leadership topics about managing data science teams. Our content is built in collaboration with our community of other data science leaders.

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We build focused content around data science leadership in collaboration with our community. Our white papers are designed to provide executives and leaders with the insights they need to make better decisions and build successful data science teams.
Uncover the latest findings on Artificial Intelligence in our Top 100 Study featured on Forbes. We dive deep into the Healthcare, Retail, and Transportation sectors and uncover how these sectors are leveraging Artificial Intelligence for their businesses.
How Agile is your AI Team?
Are you ready to take your data science team's agility to the next level? Our interactive tool, developed in collaboration with Jeff Saltz from Data Science Process Alliance, can help you measure and assess your team's maturity. Read more about the partnership here.
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The Vectice community's purpose is to focus on leadership and management in data science. Over the past year, we have built a community of 1,250+ AI leaders including 300+ VPs across the U.S. In this community, we organize events and build thought leadership content for leaders.

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Vectice is a platform-agnostic data science-management software that empowers enterprises and their teams to establish best-in-class AI practices to accelerate the impact of AI on their business.

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