For Modeling and MRM teams in Finance

Facilitate robust documentation governance across the modeling lifecycle

For financial services navigating an evolving risk-management landscape and wanting to minimize reputational and financial risk.
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Document and Validate Models Faster While Staying Compliant

Comply with the highest governance and regulatory standards requirements for your AI/ML initiatives.

Streamline Compliance with Ease: Establish model development guidelines and best practices for monitoring and validating your models.

Refresh Model Development Documents: Automatically from metadata captured during development and monitoring for robust documentation compliant with regulatory frameworks, including SS1/23 and SR 11-7

Accelerate Model Validation: Facilitate effective interactions between first-line model developers and second-line model validators.

Share and Validate Documentation: Easily share relevant documentation with both internal and external stakeholders, promoting transparency and collaboration.

Get the evidence you need to trust your AI/ML models

Continuously documented assets catalog during development, enabling MRM teams to reproduce and validate models easily.

Catalog & Audit Trail: Comprehensive record of modifications and testing, supporting governance.

Model Lineage & Documentation: Detailed view of model and dataset versions, improving traceability.

Self-Service Access for MRM Teams: Enables quick access to a model's development history, facilitating validation and reproducibility checks.

Minimize Risk, Build Trust

Maintain transparency, accountability, and control over your AI initiatives, mitigating risks and fostering trust with stakeholders and regulatory bodies alike.

Minimize Risks: Actively reduce financial and reputational risks with standard model development documentation across use cases

Regulatory Agility: Adapt swiftly to changes in regulations, ensuring compliance without compromising on speed or efficiency.

Reducing Errors, Mitigating Audits: Built-in checks and validations ensure that your AI initiatives maintain the highest levels of accuracy and transparency.

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