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We build focused content around data science leadership in collaboration with our community. Our events are designed to provide executives and leaders with the insights they need to make better decisions and build successful data science teams.

Voices of ML Leaders

At our Voices of ML Leaders event, more than 25 Vice Presidents and Directors from the top companies in various industries joined us at our headquarters to discuss important topics related to leading AI teams.

Our guest speakers included AI leaders from Microsoft, Kohl's, and Yelp.

Topics discussed included:
• Talent acquisition & retention
• Aligning AI with the rest of the business
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THRIVE: NYC Data Leaders

From our event, Thrive: NYC Data Leaders, more than 40 data science leaders from various industries and three guest speakers came to our event to discuss essential topics when leading AI teams.

The speakers shared great insights on the following:

• Aligning data science with the rest of the business
• Hiring and retaining data talent
• Centralized vs. embedded teams
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SCALE: SF Data Science Leaders

SCALE: SF Data Science Leaders event for data science leaders took place in San Francisco at our headquarters. More than 25 directors and VP of Data Science

The speakers shared valuable insights on topics such as:
• Getting C-suite buy-in
• Building diverse teams
• Leading remote teams in AI
• Collaboration with domain experts
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Dine and Chat

Join us for dinner

We organize executive dinners with up to 10 top leaders simultaneously. This is across the 11 clusters when the community is mostly represented.
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Vectice Introduces Auto-Documentation Solution for ML Projects & Their Governance

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