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Attend our next certification session and become certified in AI workflows using Vectice.
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Get Certified in AI Workflows

Our certification sessions are developed to equip top data scientists with the latest techniques in AI workflows using Vectice. You will receive training and actionable tips on how to integrate AI workflows into your data science team!

The sessions come with an extensive hands-on training session using Vectice on a real data science project, enabling you to explore Vectice's features for better AI practices. Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded certification in AI workflows using Vectice. Join us and sign up for the next certification session here.

Get Certified with Vectice

Join us for our next certification!

Join us for the next certification!

Data Scientists from companies who are already certified
“Vectice can help our Data Science team review existing machine learning models created by existing and former data scientists and reduce duplicated work”
“Vectice can save me time to present my work to my manager and provide status updates”
“Vectice can help us integrate ML processes and create easier workflow control”
“We can save 15-20% on our projects using Vectice”
“Vectice will enable me to share my work and collaborate with my peers”
“Makes it easier for project managers to understand where Data Scientists are at in their work process.”
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