Join Vectice at the AI Dev Summit: Leading the Conversation on Sustainable AI Development

We are excited to be a key contributor to this year’s AI Dev summit with two significant engagements: a highly anticipated panel discussion and a product showcase highlighting our latest advancements.

AI DevSummit is the world’s largest artificial intelligence development event, featuring tracks on chatbots, machine learning, open-source AI libraries, enterprise AI, and deep neural networks. It caters to both newcomers and seasoned AI professionals, providing a comprehensive view of the latest AI technologies. As the hub for breakthrough AI developer technologies, AI DevSummit showcases innovations driving advancements in self-driving cars, facial recognition, healthcare analytics, and customer targeting.

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The Panel: Buy vs. Build - Leading Fast and Sustainable AI Organizations

At Vectice, we understand the complexities and challenges of developing AI solutions. That’s why we’re hosting a panel discussion titled "Buy vs. Build, Leading Fast and Sustainable AI Organizations." This session will feature three top data science leaders who will share their insights and experiences. The discussion will delve into the critical decision-making process between buying existing AI solutions and building custom ones in-house. Attendees can expect to gain valuable perspectives on how to lead AI organizations efficiently while ensuring long-term sustainability.

Our panelists, each with a wealth of experience in data science and AI, will explore various facets of this dilemma. They'll discuss the pros and cons of each approach, considering factors such as cost, scalability, speed of deployment, and the ability to innovate. This session is particularly relevant for AI leaders looking to make informed decisions that balance immediate needs with future growth. The panelists will be revealed next week.

The panel takes place in San Francisco, May 29th, 5:30 PM PT

Revolutionize Your Workflow: Auto-document your AI/ML projects with Vectice Python Library and Platform

Nobody likes to document, but imagine a world where data scientists create and keep up-to-date documentation with zero manual effort. Join us for a demo of Vectice Documentation Software, designed for Data Scientists and ML Engineers.

Vectice automatically captures all your work, providing a time machine for your data analysis, model development, and deployment processes. Vectice is compatible with all frameworks, tools, IDEs, and notebooks in Python or R, ensuring seamless integration into your existing workflow. With the most accessible Python library and a clean UI, you’ll save countless hours and significantly boost productivity. All you need to get to know is one line of code. Don’t miss out on revolutionizing your workflow and freeing up your time!

The demo takes place in San Francisco, May 30th, 10:00 AM PT


Remy Thellier - Head of Growth & Strategic Partnerships

Remy is a recognized expert in AI and ML, currently serving as the Head of Growth and Strategic Partnerships at Vectice. He leads the largest community of AI top leaders in the USA and is a sought-after speaker at major AI and ML events. His topics of predilection focus on leadership, managerial and regulatory challenges, specifically in the AI/ML space, and the ever-evolving ecosystem.

Remy Thellier
Remy Thellier

Ines Cerdan - Chief of Staff & Business Analytics

Ines Cerdan serves as Chief of Staff and Business Analytics Leader at Vectice. She specializes in improving the efficiency of data scientists. She accompanies enterprises and ML teams in their quest for productivity and simplification of their model governance.

Ines Cerdan
Ines Cerdan

Meet us at the Summit

The AI Dev Summit is an essential event for anyone involved in artificial intelligence and data science. Our contributions to this year’s summit, through our insightful panel discussion and impressive product showcase, highlight our commitment to advancing the field. Whether you’re grappling with the decision to buy or build AI solutions or looking for tools to enhance your workflow, Vectice offers valuable resources and expertise.

Don’t miss the chance to engage with us and other industry leaders at the AI Dev Summit. This is a unique opportunity to learn, network, and be inspired by the latest innovations in AI.

You can learn more about the summit here.

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