Vectice Hosts Expert Panel at AIQCon 2024

The AI Dev Summit is fast approaching, and we are thrilled to announce our official lineup of speakers who will be leading the conversation on sustainable AI development. 

Panel: "Balancing Speed and Safety in AI"

Our upcoming "Balancing Speed and Safety" panel will delve into the crucial interplay between rapidly deploying AI systems and ensuring their safety and reliability. 

Moving projects to production quickly is crucial to avoid being stuck in continuous proof-of-concept phases. The need for speed is evident, with new methods and state-of-the-art foundation models emerging frequently. Rapid iteration is often seen as a strength in the startup ecosystem, especially when competing with well-established companies.

However, this drive to quickly release features and stay competitive brings the challenge of balancing speed with the responsibility of ensuring safety and reliability. Our panel will discuss confidently deploying advanced models and AI architectures while ensuring they perform as intended. We'll explore the risks and safety metrics organizations use when deploying AI systems and share insights on identifying when the risks are too significant to proceed.

Join us in San Francisco on June 25th, 2024 at 4.30 PM PT as we address the balance between innovation and safety, ensuring our AI advancements are both cutting-edge and responsible.

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Meet our Speakers

Shreya Rajpal - CEO of Guardrails AI

Shreya Rajpal is the creator and maintainer of Guardrails AI, an open source platform developed to ensure increased safety, reliability, and robustness of large language models in real-world applications. Her expertise spans a decade in the field of machine learning and AI. Most recently, she was the founding engineer at Predibase, where she led the ML infrastructure team. In earlier roles, she was part of the cross-functional ML team within Apple's Special Projects Group and developed computer vision models for autonomous driving perception systems at

Claire Vo - CPO of LaunchDarkly

Claire is the Chief Product Officer at LaunchDarkly, leading the tech team across product, engineering, ecosystem, and design. She brings a breadth of startup leadership experience, including roles as CPO at Color Health, and Optimizely, which acquired Experiment Engine, a company she founded and led as CEO, in 2017.

Outside her role at LaunchDarkly, Claire is an active speaker, advisor, board member, and angel investor, as well as the founder of ChatPRD, an AI copilot for PMs.

Erica Greene - Director of Engineering at Yahoo

Erica Greene is the Director of Engineering, Machine Learning at Yahoo News. With over a decade of experience in machine learning and software engineering, Erica leads a team dedicated to enhancing news content delivery and personalization through advanced machine learning techniques.

Her previous roles include managing data science and software engineering teams at Datadog and leading machine learning systems for on-site advertising at Etsy.

Remy Thellier - Head of Partnerships at Vectice

Remy is a recognized expert in AI and ML, currently serving as the Head of Growth and Strategic Partnerships at Vectice. He leads the largest community of AI top leaders in the USA and is a sought-after speaker at major AI and ML events.

His topics of predilection focus on leadership, managerial and regulatory challenges, specifically in the AI/ML space, and the ever-evolving ecosystem.

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