SCALE: SF Data Science Leaders

Get the key insights from our event in our headquarters in San Francisco.

What’s inside this Whitepaper

We invited two attendees on stage for a fireside chat: Shyam Banuprakash (Clario's Vice-President of Data Science) who talked about successful collaborations with domain experts. Shailvi Wakhlu (Strava's former Head of Data) discussed getting C-suite buy-in and building diverse teams. They generously shared their management struggles with the audience and tips on how to solve them:
Learn what it takes to hire and retain the most significant growing AI team with so many people opting to work remotely
How to ensure that the work your team is doing is aligned with the rest of the business
What the difference is between growing a small team from a large team?
Top Executives Share Their Stories at Vectice HQ
The lineup consisted of discussions about talent retention, talent acquisition, aligning AI initiatives across business units, and building trust between data science teams.

About the speakers

Shailvi Wakhlu
Former Head of Data @ Strava

Shailvi is a data analytics leader and has 8+ years leading global analytics & engineering teams across the US, Europe and Asia.
Speaker Shailvi Wakhlu

Shyam Banuprakash
Vice President of Data Science @ Clario

Formerly leading the team of data scientists focusing on Kohl’s business cases such as price and assortment optimization.
Speaker Shyam Banuprakash

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