Evaluating Data Science Infrastructure During M&A Deals

How to evaluate the data components of a business.

What’s inside this Whitepaper

Analyzing the Foundation: Assessing Data Science Infrastructure in Merger and Acquisition Transactions
In the world of mergers and acquisitions, the game is changing. As businesses increasingly recognize the value of data and AI, evaluating a company's data infrastructure has become a pivotal aspect of any successful M&A strategy. Colleen Qiu, the Head of Data at Lindenlab, shares her extensive expertise in this must-read white paper.
Explore the 5 key areas of the data infrastructure from which all value is derived.
Evaluating will happen during due diligence and is carried out by data science and financial experts.
We’ll take the perspectives of Buyers (how to evaluate data infrastructure) and Sellers (how to value your infrastructure when considering a sale).

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