White Paper

The Impact of Future AI Regulation

Discover the impact of future AI Regulation from the largest conference for engineering leaders in San Francisco!

What’s inside this Whitepaper

Three prominent tech, legal, and banking leaders from RingCentral, Adobe and US Bank share their actionable best practices on the impact of future AI Regulation. In this white paper you will discover topics such as:
Responsible AI Development: Working Hand-in-Hand with Legal
How to Future-Proof Your AI Initiatives & Implement Governance
Documenting Model Development in the Banking Industry

About the speakers

Grace Chu
Former Senior Product Counsel for AI/ML @ Adobe

Grace Chu was most recently the inaugural AI/ML and lead data use attorney for Adobe’s Digital Experience business, with $4.42 billion in revenue in fiscal 2022.

Sushant Hiray
Sr. Director of Machine Learning @ RingCentral

Previously, Sushant was the co-founder and CTO at DeepAffects, a pioneering speech AI startup acquired by RingCentral. Sushant has authored numerous patents and research papers that underscore his expertise in the field.

Yu Pan
Chief Model Risk Officer @ US Bank

Yu is responsible for developing and leading the enterprise model risk functions, identifying and managing model risk, and overseeing the assessment/validation of all the models/tools used across the bank.

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