In-Person Gathering - By Invitation Only

East Coast Leaders in Machine Learning

Join your peers for dinner in San Francisco or Seattle

Private Gathering - Exclusively for Leaders
in Machine Learning & Model Risk Management

  • Pro-bono initiative for the Vectice Community
  • No pitch, no vendors; just top leaders connecting and sharing their experiences.
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Join your peers for an opportunity to have engaging conversations on some of the most important topics related to ML and leadership. We organize executive dinners with up to ten top leaders across industries to ensure the right mix of industry leaders and diverse perspectives.

Our upcoming events will take place in New York City on April 24th - 25th and in Boston on April 26th - 27th.

Please RSVP here if you would like to attend!

We look forward to seeing you.

For any questions, please contact Remy by email:

We Discuss Top-of-Mind Leadership Challenges:

Talent acquisition & retention

AI talents are hard to find and keep, leaders share their best tips.

Centralized vs. embedded teams

At the organization level, organizing the data science function can be challenging.

Alignment with the business

Alignment is core to delivering value, leaders share their approach.

M&A impact on DS/ML function

Alignment is core to delivering value; leaders share their approach.

C-level buy-in

Relationships with top leadership are key to successful AI initiatives and results.

Distributed teams, OKR, KPIs

Top of mind day-to-day management challenges.

Model Risk Management

Managing the increasing AI regulation & ML model complexity

Generative AI

Developing cost-efficient generative models while navigating legal risks in the constantly evolving field of AI.

Model Validation Efficiency

Is becoming increasingly more complex between Risk and Model teams


San Francisco

Locations will be announced soon


Locations will be announced soon