MachineCon 2023 Highlights: Celebrating AI Excellence & Exploring Responsible AI Governance!

Excitement filled the air as we participated in The MachineCon 2023 in New York City. After the event, we gathered with our data science leaders community over dinner, engaging in enriching discussions on AI regulations and governance. Read on to explore all the highlights.

MachineCon 2023: Honoring Excellence AI Innovation

MachineCon 2023 gathers leaders from all over the United States to celebrate those who excel in transforming data into a competitive advantage, driving business growth through valuable customer insights and innovative business models.

From The MachineCon 2023 Event in New York City

The Vectice team got to celebrate the AI100 Awards Ceremony, celebrating the brightest minds in the AI and data science industry. The ceremony included recognition of the top performers and opportunities to connect with peers and celebrate the accomplishments of the industry’s leading professionals.

Highlight: Speakers at MachineCon 2023

Speakers at MACHINECON 2023 delivered captivating talks and discussions, showcasing the brilliance of industry leaders and experts in the field.

Transforming Call Centers with Generative AI: Vivek Jetley's Exemplary Demo

EXL Service took the stage with Vivek Jetley, who showed the audience how generative AI can revolutionize call center operations. His talk, titled "Making Generative AI Real for Business," illuminated the practical applications of this technology.

Responsible AI Implementation: Katie Stein's Insights on Process Innovation

Genpact, represented by Katie Stein, emphasized the importance of aligning AI models with company values and navigating the intricacies of audits and regulations. Her session, "Process Innovation in the Age of AI," highlighted the crucial role of human oversight in ensuring the responsible implementation of AI systems.

Pictures from The MACHINECON 2023 in New York City

Panel Discussion: Generative AI - Threat or Opportunity for Data Teams?

One of the event's most insightful moments came during the panel discussion on "Generative AI - A Threat or Opportunity for Data Teams?" featuring esteemed participants from various renowned organizations:

  • Agus Sudjianto, EVP & Head of Corporate Model Risk at Wells Fargo
  • Joe Kleinhenz, VP of Data Science at Allstate
  • Wayne Huang, Head of Data Science and Engineering at Pacific Life Insurance
  • Harsh Kar, SVP & Global Business Leader for Data and AI at Genpact

The panel delved into the myriad opportunities and challenges generative AI presents for data teams. Their perspectives provided valuable insights into navigating this cutting-edge technology and its implications for businesses and industries.

Meeting the community in New York City

Along with the event, Vectice met with the data science leaders' community to discuss ML Auto-Documentation, governance, and the coming regulations of AI worldwide.

Meeting the community in New York City: See LinkedIn Post

Over the past year, Vectice has nurtured a thriving community of AI leaders dedicated to excellence in data science leadership and management. With over 1,250 AI leaders, including more than 300 VPs from across the United States, the Vectice community has become an influential force in the industry.

Through organizing engaging events and producing thought leadership content, Vectice fosters an environment of learning and growth among data science professionals.

Check out the community here and learn how to join our future events.

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