Vectice - Data Science Leaders - June insights

Greetings From Vectice! We are thrilled to bring you the latest updates, insights, and news straight from the heart of our company. In this edition, we will cover the following:

  • New website - Experience the new Vectice!
  • Event - Insights from Data Science Leaders
  • Vectice Certification - Future of AI Workflows
  • Model Risk Management Challenges White Paper

New Website - Experience The New Vectice!

We’re excited to announce the official launch of our new website!

Our new website provides a comprehensive overview of Vectice’s platform-agnostic technology, from product capabilities to content explicitly tailored to data scientists and leaders in data science.

Check out our Vectice solution pages for:
- Data Scientists
- Data Science Managers
- Compliance Officers
- Business Stakeholders

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Event - Insights from Data Science Leaders

We were joined by 25 leading AI experts who shared their experiences when it came to managing large-scale data science teams.

Scale: SF Data Science Leaders

Fireside chat with top leaders from Strava & Clario

Shailvi Wakhlu (former Head of Data at Strava) and Shyam Banuprakash (Vice President of Data Science at Clario) shared their strategies for achieving:

  • C-suite buy-in
  • Fostering diverse teams
  • Leading remote teams in AI
  • Successful collaborations with domain experts

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Vectice Certification - Future of AI Workflows

San Francisco - Capgemini Applied Innovation Exchange

Data Scientists and ML engineers from 19 companies got certified in AI workflows at our 'Future of AI Workflows' event.

Attendees got to learn best-in-class AI practices for leveraging existing and future data science workflows as well as the methodologies used at Uber and Tesla.

From the Future of AI Workflows event

A huge thank you to our partners at Capgemini and Jeffrey Saltz from the Data Science Process Alliance for his expertise on agile data science workflows.

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Model Risk Management Challenges White Paper

Solutions & Strategies
Model Risk Management (MRM) poses significant challenges due to the complexity of models, dynamic business environments, and increasing regulatory requirements.

Model Risk Management White Paper

Read our latest white paper on Model Risk Management and learn about:

  • The most common MRM challenges in the era of AI
  • Vectice as the interface between modeling and risk teams
  • Reduce and efficiently manage risk and exposure

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