Wells Fargo Ex-Chief of Model Risk Joins Vectice as Strategic Advisor

San Francisco, CA – June 26, 2024 – Vectice, the data science documentation platform for model development and risk management, is excited to announce that Agus Sudjianto is joining the company as a strategic advisor. Bringing over 20 years’ experience leading analytics and modeling functions for some of the world’s most sophisticated banks, Sudjianto is a key addition for Vectice, as the company expands its footprint in global finance.

Most recently, Sudjianto was Executive Vice President at Wells Fargo, where he established and led the banking giant’s model risk and applied AI teams for over a decade. One of the world’s leading authorities on model risk, Sudjianto’s work has helped shape the theory and practice of model risk management at many of the world’s leading financial institutions. He holds master's and doctoral degrees from Wayne State University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“We’re incredibly honored to have Agus joining us,” says Cyril Brignone, Vectice CEO. “We’re on a mission to help tomorrow’s AI leaders tackle the complex governance and efficiency challenges that come with impactful AI use cases, so it’s hard to imagine a better partner than Agus.”

Vectice makes documentation more efficient and robust, by automating many of the more error-prone and repetitive tasks required for model governance and compliance at scale. “Of course, faster model documentation is great,” says one senior risk leader, “but what’s really powerful is the transparency you get across the model lifecycle, and the improved control that gives you over model risk. That’s what makes Vectice a strategic tool, not just a productivity one.”

“I really love what the team has built and their vision for a future made of AI models you can trust - which aligns with my own,” says Sudjianto. “When I first saw Vectice, I kept thinking how much easier things could have been if I’d had something like this. I do think it can be a step change in how model risk is managed in banking and other industries. I’m very excited to be part of the adventure.”

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About Vectice

Vectice, a data science documentation platform, empowers data scientists to build trust faster in AI models. By continuously cataloging AI assets and knowledge during development, model documentation, governance, and compliance become easier. This typically results in model-to-production time being cut by 25% or more. 

Vectice works with global Data Science and AI/ML leaders to boost productivity while improving their ability to control risk and governance. 

Vectice integrates seamlessly with popular AI/ML tools like Python, R, Snowflake, Databricks, MLflow, and more.

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