Vectice Hosts Panel At ELC Annual 2023

Join Vectice at ELC Annual 2023, where we will cover how AI Regulation will impact engineering leaders, data scientists, and ML Engineering & SaaS companies building AI/ML products. This blog post will introduce you to Vectice’s panel of industry experts and the topics to set yourself up for smooth compliance.

Panel: AI Regulation's Direct Impact on Engineering Leaders & ML Teams

At this year’s ELC Annual 2023, Vectice is hosting a panel on the upcoming regulation of AI. This session covers how AI Regulation will impact engineering leaders, data scientists, ML Engineers & companies building AI/ML products.

Moderated by Remy Thellier, Head of Growth at Vectice, who leads the largest community of AI Top Leaders in the USA. Together with the panel, we will delve into several key areas:

  • The reach and impact of upcoming AI regulations
  • Insights from banking's experience in bringing regulated models into Production
  • The steps to take now to prepare for regulated models

Meet the Leaders at U.S. Bank, RingCentral & Adobe

In the panel, you'll hear from top U.S. Bank, RingCentral & Adobe leaders about the coming wave of AI bills, models that fall under regulation, and what will be expected of Engineering leaders & ML teams.

Yu Pan - EVP, Chief Model Risk Officer at U.S. Bank

As the Head of model risk management, Yu is responsible for developing and leading the enterprise model risk functions, identifying and managing model risk, and overseeing the assessment/validation of all the models/tools used across the bank.

At the event, Yu will delve into the deployment of regulated models in the banking realm, focusing on key aspects like prerequisites for production, the extent of operational regulated models, regulatory specifics, established processes, documentation volume, and stakeholder involvement. The conversation aims to provide insights into the intricacies of implementing and managing regulated models within the banking sector.

With new regulations around the corner, this timely discussion will provide data science leaders with valuable insights and a plan of action.

Grace Chu - Former Senior Product Counsel at Adobe

Grace Chu was most recently the inaugural AI/ML and lead data use attorney for Adobe’s Digital Experience business, with $4.42 billion in revenue in fiscal 2022.  She has advised clients from Fortune 100 companies to local startups in open source, copyright, licensing, and M&A.

Grace believes early communication regarding goals, risk tolerance, and expectations is crucial to receiving high-quality legal services while reducing time and spending.

At this event, Grace will cover key aspects such as the significance of upcoming AI Bills, the types of regulated models, penalties' severity, the inclusion of advanced models like LLMs, anticipated roles for Data Scientists and ML engineers, the timing and certainty of AI regulation, and the necessity for consistent involvement of business, legal, and leadership stakeholders.

Sushant Hiray - Sr. Director of Machine Learning at RingCentral

Sushant is the Sr. Director of Machine Learning at RingCentral (NYSE:RNG), where he focuses on building the next-generation Conversational Intelligence Platform.

Previously, he was the co-founder and CTO at DeepAffects, a pioneering speech AI startup acquired by RingCentral. With a strong academic research background, Sushant has authored numerous patents and research papers that underscore his expertise in the field.

Together with Sushant, we will uncover the immediate steps needed for regulatory compliance, close collaboration with the legal team, thorough model documentation, and effective strategies for modeling teams to address regulatory challenges.

Remy Thellier - Head of Growth at Vectice

Remy Thellier is the Head of Growth at Vectice and leads the largest community of AI Top Leaders in the USA, partners of ELC on the AI front. Learn more about the community here.

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