White Paper: The Impact of Future AI Regulation

Discover the impact of future AI Regulation with Vectice at ELC Annual 2023 - The largest conference for engineering leaders in San Francisco!

Exploring the Impact of AI Regulation: Insights and Strategies from Top Leaders

Hear from industry experts Grace Chu from Adobe, Sushant Hiray from RingCentral, and Yu Pan from US Bank as they discuss the intricacies of AI regulation and its influence across different industries. This panel discussion was guided by Remy Thellier, Vectice's Head of Growth and leader of the largest community of top AI leaders in the USA. The session explored several key areas:

  • Responsible AI Development: Working Hand-in-Hand with Legal
  • How to Future-Proof Your AI Initiatives & Implement Governance
  • Documenting Model Development in the Banking Industry

Explore the challenges and opportunities in developing responsible AI within the regulatory framework, focusing on compliance, ethical considerations, and future-proofing strategies:

Download the white paper here ➡️ The Impact of Future AI Regulation

Speakers: Yu Pan, Sushant Hiray, Grace Chu, Remy Thellier (moderator)

Learn More About the Speakers

Grace Chu, former Senior Product Counsel @ Adobe

Grace was recently the inaugural AI/ML and lead data use attorney for Adobe’s Digital Experience business, with $4.42 billion in revenue in fiscal 2022. She has advised clients from Fortune 100 companies to local startups in open source, copyright, licensing, and M&A.

Grace uncovers the following:

  • Transparent and early engagement with compliance teams is key.
  • View legal guidance as enabling regulatory compliance in using and providing AI products and services without unnecessary risks and delays.
  • Open communication and providing timely updates when plans change is crucial to avoid regulatory pitfalls as AI legislation rapidly expands and evolves.

Yu Pan, Chief Model Risk Officer @ US Bank

Yu is responsible for developing and leading the enterprise model risk functions, identifying and managing model risk, and overseeing the assessment/validation of all the models/tools used across the bank.

Yu uncovers the following:

  • Navigating AI compliance in banking
  • Expert perspectives on Model Risk Management
  • Tech industry advice for banking compliance

Sushant Hiray - Sr. Director of Machine Learning @ RingCentral

Sushant is the co-founder and chief technology officer at DeepAffects, a speech AI startup acquired by RingCentral. With a strong academic research background, Sushant has authored numerous patents and research papers, showcasing his expertise in the field. He currently leads the Machine Learning efforts at RingCentral.

Sushant uncovers the following:

  • Anticipating AI regulation
  • Navigating compliance challenges
  • Strategic readiness for AI regulation

Download the White Paper

As we stand on the verge of a new era in AI development, understanding and adapting to the evolving regulatory landscape is crucial for businesses and innovators.

To access the full white paper and to equip yourself with the knowledge and insights needed to navigate upcoming regulations, click here ➡️ White Paper - The Impact of Future AI Regulation.

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