Meeting the Community in the Bay Area

The Vectice community is thriving! Over the past weeks, we had the pleasure of meeting with our data science leaders' community in the Bay Area. The gatherings were a great opportunity to engage in insightful discussions and for top leaders in AI to share their top-of-mind challenges with their peers.

Meeting Top AI Leaders for Dinner

We love meeting our community to learn what’s important for them and the challenges they go through leading team in AI.

During the first dinner, we had prominent companies in the Bay Area, including Target, Kaiser Permanente, Nutrisense, UnitedHealth Group, Juniper Networks, Anthem, and Twilio. Each brings unique insights and perspectives on how they tackle their leadership challenges.

Our second dinner was no different; we brought together a diverse array of industries, each with its unique perspective and challenges. At the table were leaders from Netflix, Albertsons, Capital One, 6Sense, Freedom Financial, Rhyme, Unison, and Element Energy.

Top leaders connecting and sharing their experiences

Our conversations covered various topics related to data science leadership, such as leading AI teams, Generative AI, AI regulations, and documentation challenges.

Our recent gatherings were successful, highlighting the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing within our community.

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