Top 5 Best AI Blogs to Follow in 2022

In a world where the excitement around next-gen technologies is rapidly growing, an inside perspective and knowledge of developing domains is necessary. Several technologies related to artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks are now being adopted by tech giants and have found a buzz all around the internet amongst avid readers. Blogs revolving around the practical nature of data science and AI provide a great way to stay updated, through deep insights into all the latest happenings in the industry.

In this article, we will explore the top 5 artificial intelligence blogs for 2022. Let’s begin!

1. KDnuggets

KDnuggets is one of the leading sites to read on topics such as AI, Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, Data Science, and Machine Learning. Founded by Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, the blogs are edited by Matthew Mayo, a Data Scientist and the Editor-in-Chief of the website. The site serves fresh information daily. KDnuggets also provides its readers with tips that can prove valuable for career development and information about the tech industry’s potential roles. With several data science repositories, research datasets and course materials available, the site also hosts a professional job board. An ongoing live webinar series, a wide range of eBooks to be downloaded, and news and opinion pieces are also what make KDnuggets one of the most complete sources of information available on the internet today.

2. Facebook Data Science Blog

With one of the biggest data science teams present globally, Facebook research’s data science blog is one to watch out for. The website features blogs from top researchers and data scientists like Yann LeCun, centered around the practical nature of artificial intelligence, predictive modeling, machine learning, and data engineering capabilities of the present and future. The blog features explanations of core concepts of the latest research disciplines in a meaningful way, presenting the most complex materials in an easy-to-understand manner. Their frequently updated research blog offers a deep dive and behind-the-scenes perspective at some of the significant data problems the tech giant is solving every day.

3. Data Science Central

Known for providing big data practitioners with a highly engaging community experience, TechTarget’s Data Science Central also drives mastery across all data science technology areas. Data Science Central is an excellent source for blogs, news, and the latest developments in artificial intelligence and deep learning. The writers break down complex statistical models across several different industries, serving as a knowledge base full of solutions for industry leaders and experts all across the globe. One of the most renowned names in the artificial intelligence domain, Data Scientist Dr Vincent Granville is the Co-Founder and a contributing author for Data Science Central. The repositories are updated regularly with the latest trends across disciplines, and the website also offers an active forum where readers can share thoughts and experiences, engaging in insightful conversations.

4. Data Science 101

Data Science 101 is an award-winning data science blog website presenting highly detailed work since 2012. The founder Ryan Swanstrom holds a PhD in computational science and is a contributing writer as well as a highly known name in the data science community. With a wide range of articles, including intros into rules of machine learning by Google, series on cloud, data science and plenty of deep dives into the expanding world of AI, Data Science 101 contains a wealth of helpful information and provides readers with a fully immersive learning experience. The site comprises several easy-to-digest guides and training programs, educating business and IT professionals in comprehensive data studies.

5. Towards Data Science

If you are into exploring more about artificial intelligence and its related technologies every day, Towards Data Science is your place. The website focuses on exchanging ideas between industry specialists, in turn expanding the general understanding of the data science domain. Being a Medium publication, the website also invites domain experts and independent writers to publish articles with in-depth techniques and their hands-on experiences related to the field of data science. A platform where there’s always something new being shared, either associated with the ongoings behind leading tools and platforms or insights on the latest trends across the industry. Towards Data Science is a reliable resource that aids readers keep track of the latest and most important developments.

With the growing demand for domain experts and new developments coming up every other day, it is essential to keep oneself updated on the latest happenings. The internet is a fantastic source that possesses a vast spectrum of information, with almost everything available at the dispense. In this article, we aimed to share a few of the best platforms and sources available to keep yourself in tandem with the developments around the world of artificial intelligence and data science.

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