Peer Reviews & Business Touchpoints

Simplifying reviews by keeping the full context of the project and the key artifacts handy

Data Science-Centric Collaboration Space

Embracing at his core the iterative nature and the diversity of artifacts Data Science offers

All Stakeholders can leverage Vectice

Successful teams stay fully aligned with their business and engineering counterpart.

Peer Reviews with Context & Artifacts Handy

Vectice makes Data Science project reviews easy and efficient. Reviews are embedded at the project phase level right next to all the contributors’ updates and a list of key artifacts generated. Feedback and reviews are saved.
Review system embedded at the project phase level
Leverage all the context, history and key assets of the project
Provide actionable feedback, efficiently
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Data Science-Centric Collaboration Space

Vectice creates a collaborative space with features fostering teamwork, including a complete history of individual contributors and widgets that display artifacts generated from the data science workflow. Users can @ mention others to show results or collect feedback quickly. Compare models and assets, filter versions, and find highlighted parameters and metrics.
Fully-featured text editor (@-mentions, notifications, history and search)
Exclusive Data Science Widgets, within a couple of clicks:
- Highlight and compare specific datasets or model versions
- Showcase the lineage of a selected artifact lineage
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All Stakeholders Can Leverage Vectice

Data science magic happens when various domain experts collaborate. Each expert brings their strengths to the team, and together they are solving a novel problem requiring approaches from different domains. By sharing perspectives and offering solutions, they can more effectively collaborate to solve the problem.
Intuitive and user-friendly Web App
Ease of use for both business and technical stakeholders
Gather the entire context of AI initiatives in one place for everyone
How easy is Vectice? Give it a try!
The Vectice Software - Core Benefits

Mentor Teammates & Collaboration

With Vectice, data scientists can easily showcase their expertise. Users can review work by others to learn new approaches and inspire themselves. If someone gets stuck, peers can review their work and suggest an alternative approach. This enables teams to leverage each other’s experience, reducing the need to start from scratch every time.

This ultimately speeds up the solution process and brings ML models to market much faster.

Having a central repository with commenting and documenting spurs collaboration among teammates. Peer review has been shown to improve learning outcomes for teams positively, and data scientists can now ask for peer review with ease, preserving knowledge and tips which can even be helpful to newcomers.

Platform and Tool Agnostic

Integrates with your favorite tools and platforms
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