Solution / For Data Science and Machine Learning Managers and Directors

For Data Science Managers

Vectice offers the first solution that embraces the iterative nature of data science workflows, centralizes AI assets into a searchable catalog, and is compatible with the tools data scientists already use.

Platform and Tool Agnostic

Integrates with your favorite tools and platforms
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For Data Science Managers

Set DS/ML Processes & Best Practices

Vectice provides managers with templates to quickly set up data science processes and best practices.

Templates are customizable, allowing teams to use an iterative approach while still adhering to formal process standards.

With Vectice, team members can push completed steps and link deliverables directly from their IDE or notebook.

Managers benefit from increased transparency into the progress of projects and improved governance for AI solutions with complete visibility of workflows.
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Project templates certified by the DSPA

Data Science Process Alliance

For Data Science Managers

Multi-level Visibility 
& Realtime Updates

Vectice provides multi-level visibility for data science managers, allowing them to get an overview of all initiatives, projects, and individual contributions across the organization.

The software is tool and platform agnostic, seamlessly integrating with existing AI stacks and workflows.

It enables leaders to manage high-level and low-level tasks, such as accessing resources without interrupting anyone’s work, discovering bottlenecks, or assigning new steps to improve data science initiatives.
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“Responsible AI means a deliberate approach in many directions at once. Data science’s responsibility to deliver unbiased, trusted and ethical AI is just the tip of the iceberg. Responsible AI helps AI participants develop, implement, utilize and resolve the dilemmas they face.”
Gartner, Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence
For Data Science Managers

Find & Showcase Your Experts

Vectice is an essential tool for managing data science teams, providing insight into the competencies and expertise of each team member.

It allows managers to filter on a contributor or project to find the right people with relevant experience and domain knowledge to kickstart new projects.

With Vectice, companies can assemble new teams based on individual strengths from prior history of data science projects and foster collaboration between senior and junior employees by pairing them together in order to provide mentoring.
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For Data Science Managers

Review Work & Give Feedback

Vectice provides a centralized management tool that enables asynchronous reviews and reduces meeting times.

Managers can easily review completed steps and add feedback along every step of the process, which is always stored at the right phase of the project.

Reviews can be given by peers who have technical experience with building models, as well as field experts and business stakeholders who bring their own perspectives to the table.

Our software helps with the governance of data science teams by providing feedback on responsible AI solutions, resolving bugs, getting status updates, and finding bias or computational errors while also helping transfer knowledge between team members.
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Vectice Introduces Auto-Documentation Solution for ML Projects & Their Governance

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