Full Visibility

Get the full context of all ongoing data science projects

Work With Your Experts

Involve stakeholders in you projects to ensure alignment your company’s objectives.

Stay Up To Date During Projects

Follow the project lifecycle from A to Z and ensure the right course of the project outcome

Full Visibility for Stakeholders

Vectice makes collaboration effortless by creating a cross-functional space where data scientists, business stakeholders, and field experts can work together in real-time.

With features like automatic updates and feedback capture, teams can keep stakeholders informed without the hassle of emails or meetings.
Get the full context of all ongoing projects
Skip time consuming status updates, reviews, and reporting
Data science-centric collaboration space
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Aligning Stakeholders Through Vectice

Vectice seamlessly fits your existing workflow, enabling you to report achievements and breakthroughs directly from within your favorite notebook or IDE. Vectice will collect, report and display the most important milestones on our web app.
Collect feedback from stakeholders and subject-matter experts
Enables teams to make informed decisions and achieve objectives
Keep track of business touch-points
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Never Miss A Beat

Vectice is a data science solution that bridges the gap between stakeholders and technical teams. Our platform lets stakeholders follow model development in real-time, giving them the ability to provide feedback and adjust course. Vectice can also be used to create presentations for successful data science projects.
Stay up to date during the data science lifecycle
Stop wasting time and resources on manual processes
Present results easily to create awareness and facilitate feedback from stakeholders
How easy is Vectice? Give it a try!
The Vectice Software - Core Benefits

Aligning Data Science & Business

Vectice provides a space for data scientists, business stakeholders, and field experts to collaborate. And allows teams to update stakeholders and collect feedback without sending emails or setting up meetings.

Vectice keeps track of business touchpoints and allows all parties involved in the data science lifecycle visibility into the process.

Our solution serves as a presentation tool that collects all critical work from the workflow into one central location for easy viewing by stakeholders who can provide feedback if needed.

Platform and Tool Agnostic

Integrates with your favorite tools and platforms
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