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For Business Stakeholders

Vectice offers the first solution that embraces the iterative nature of data science workflows, centralizes AI assets into a searchable catalog, and is compatible with the tools data scientists already use.
For Business Stakeholers

Delivering Results To Business Teams

Vectice provides a full context of data science projects, from business objectives and requirements to technical indicators and performance improvements. It creates visibility for stakeholders into the process by automatically creating documentation and widgets based on metadata generated by the data science process.

Vectice is a cross-functional space where data scientists, business stakeholders, and field experts can collaborate while tracking metrics showcasing progress over time.

Stakeholders have access to critical information in an easy-to-use web app without having to disrupt anyone’s workflow or set up meetings. They can also provide feedback throughout the project lifecycle with ease.

Vectice allows teams to present their work in an organized way that ensures alignment between all parties involved, such as managers, executives, C-suite members, etc.
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“Responsible AI means a deliberate approach in many directions at once. Data science’s responsibility to deliver unbiased, trusted and ethical AI is just the tip of the iceberg. Responsible AI helps AI participants develop, implement, utilize and resolve the dilemmas they face.”
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For Business Stakeholers

Aligning Data Science & Business

Vectice provides a clear overview of investments in data science projects and the results, allowing stakeholders to allocate resources more efficiently.

Teams can document every stage of the modeling process and present assumptions made by subject-matter experts.

Stakeholders can provide feedback directly to the data science team, which helps them quickly iterate on solutions and improve their results. Vectice creates an integrated feedback loop that allows for faster development with customer touch-points as an integral part of decision-making processes.
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“Vectice is here to help make sure that no matter what task you're undertaking, you can stay ahead of the game and achieve success quickly. With its enhanced speed and easy access, there's nothing standing between you and success. So don't wait - try out Vectice today!”
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Vectice Introduces Auto-Documentation Solution for ML Projects & Their Governance