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Vectice is the perfect addition to your ecosystem, working efficiently and seamlessly. It brings a lightweight collaborative layer unifying your technical stack by capturing metadata from any component of your DS/ML stack and adding strong processes enabling capabilities to your management stack.

Using Vectice makes working with Snowflake a breeze. Not only will it index your datasets quickly and efficiently, but it also covers the other tools that may be used alongside in a data science initiative. This helps to speed up workflows and improve collaboration across teams, giving everyone a better understanding of the overall project context. Vectice makes working with data science initiatives easier than ever.
Vectice simplifies and streamlines your Snowflake workflow by offering a comprehensive logging capabilities along the way.
Vectice Complements your Snowflake, by providing a simplified and organized way of collaborating on your data science initiatives.
Vectice is flexible, yes we love Snowflake but we also support Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift and Google Big Query
Easily log into Vectice the metadata of your datasets stored in Snowflakes

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