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Leveraging Vectice with Weights & Biases

Vectice is the perfect addition to your ecosystem, working efficiently and seamlessly. It brings a lightweight collaborative layer unifying your technical stack by capturing metadata from any DS/ML stack component and adding robust processes enabling capabilities to your management stack.

Using Vectice makes working with WandB a breeze. It will index your datasets quickly and efficiently and cover the other tools used in a data science initiative. This helps to speed up workflows and improve collaboration across teams, giving everyone a better understanding of the overall project context. Vectice makes working with data science initiatives easier than ever.
Vectice simplifies and streamlines your workflow by offering a simple way to highlight and collaborate around the assets generated in Weights and Biases.
Vectice Complements your WandB usage, by providing a simplified and organized way of collaborating on your data science initiatives.
Using Vectice with Weights & Biases is only a matter of adding a couple of lines of code to your notebook or IDE, quick and easy!

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