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Explore our comprehensive library of data science templates and find the ones that suite your needs the best
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We are committed to providing our customers with the best data science tools and templates to support their AI projects. Our partnership with Data Science Process Alliance enables your team to never start a new project from a blank page.

With built-in data science frameworks and templates , you can quickly adapt to any project and get started right away. Our partnership ensures that your team will have the most up-to-date best practices in data science.

If you're interested in leveraging the power of data science to improve your business goals, try Vectice today. With Vectice and templates certified Data Science Process Alliance's, you'll be able to get the insights you need quickly and effectively.
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Templates for Data Science Projects



CRISP-DM (Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining) is the most popular framework for executing data science projects. Teams can “loop back” to previous phases as needed

Incremental CRISP-DM

Defines five higher-level project phases. Each iteration within a phase conceptually goes through each of the CRISP-DM steps to incrementally build the deliverable.

Uber-based Workflow

Uber’s workflow focuses on defining a problem, prototyping a solution, productionizing the solution, and finally, measuring the impact of the solution. Uber’s four-phase workflow.

Qiu’s 3-Phase Worflow

Colleen Qiu developed and used this approach during her work at Tesla, Albertsons, and Metromile. This framework focuses on making sure there is agreement on what to do and then delivering the solution.
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How agile is your team? While data science adoption has been growing rapidly, analytics team processes and the models we use to evaluate them are still not clearly defined.

In collaboration with Jeff Saltz from Data Science Process Alliance, we have created an interactive tool to help teams measure how agile their process is.

Take the quiz to test your team maturity and enter the drawing to win a 1:1 workshop with Jeff Saltz on AI team methodologies and agility. You can also read more about the interactive tool on our blog and understand the building blocks behind a good data science process here.
Try the interactive tool: How Agile is your Data Science Team?
Interactive tool

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