Vectice - Data Science Leaders - December insights

The Vectice Newsletter brings you the latest news and insights from the data science world. In this edition, we will cover the following:

  • Leadership insights from our event in New York
  • White Papers
    • 1. How to Deliver AI Faster with the [2x3] Methodology
    • 2. How Data Science Entered the Corporate World
  • The Vectice Community of 1,000+ AI leaders nationwide

THRIVE: NYC Data Leaders

A conversation with Data Leaders

From our event, Thrive: NYC Data Leaders, more than 40 data science leaders from various industries and three guest speakers came to our event to discuss essential topics when leading AI teams.

Topics from the event included:

- Talent acquisition and retention
- Aligning AI With The Business
- Centralized vs. Embedded Teams

Three prominent data science leaders shared actionable insights from real-world applied data science and left the audience inspired:

- Irina Ashurova - Sr. Director of Data Development @ Pitney Bowes
- Shane Murray - Field CTO @ Monte Carlo
- Justin Norman - Former VP of Data Science @ Yelp

Get their key insights here

White Paper -
Deliver AI Faster with the 2x3 Methodology

Developed by Colleen Qiu, former Head of Data Science at Tesla, the 2x3 Methodology is a three-stage approach to help data science teams deliver AI solutions faster.

The approach reduces the time required to deliver AI projects and ensures that data science teams are aligned with the organization’s objectives.

In this white paper, you will discover:

- Challenges in AI
- The 3-stage business engagement model
- How to deliver AI faster with the 2x3 Model

Read the full white paper here

White Paper -
How Data Science Came to dominate on Wall Street and Main Street

The Early Waves of Data Science:

Read about the early days of data science, how companies profited from the insatiable demand for data and how an academic branch of analysis came to dominate on Wall Street and Main Street.

Read the full white paper here

The Vectice Community

A community of 1,000+ Data Science Leaders

Over the past years, we have built a community of 1,000+ AI leaders, including 200+ VPs across the U.S. In this community, we organize events and build content for leaders.

The Vectice Community Includes:

Exclusive Events For Leaders In Data Science
Vectice organizes events, inviting top data science leaders to come and share their experiences leading data science teams.

Thought Leadership
In collaboration with data science leaders, Vectice delivers thought leadership content and white papers.

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- How to Structure Data Science Teams

- Training AI/ML Talent

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