Vectice Introduces Auto-Documentation Solution for ML Projects & Governance to Simplify Compliance with EU AI Act

San Francisco, July 20th, 2023 - Vectice, a leader in ML Auto-Documentation and Governance, is thrilled to announce the release of its latest product: Auto-documentation for ML projects & their governance. This novel solution arrives at a critical juncture as the EU AI Act comes into effect, imposing fines that are a staggering 50% higher than those under GDPR for non-compliance with full model lifecycle documentation requirements.

Vectice - Auto-Documentation For ML Projects & Their Governance

In an era where model full-lifecycle documentation is no longer optional, the demand for documentation has skyrocketed while the willingness to undertake the task has waned. Data scientists face the challenge of capturing and documenting models, datasets, code, and attachments across different ML tools and platforms. This is precisely where Vectice's ML Auto-documentation solution steps in to alleviate the burden.

Vectice saves time by automating documentation, allowing your team to focus on building great ML models. Teams can focus on the work they like as Vectice keeps their work organized, and provides real-time insights on all your projects for your stakeholders, no matter the workflow, tools, and platforms used. By automatically extracting metadata, including lineage and versioning information, Vectice creates a comprehensive and reliable documentation record, ensuring transparency, compliance, and traceability throughout the entire model lifecycle.

Experience Vectice's ML Auto-documentation Solution Today!

Are you a data scientist seeking an efficient way to document your ML projects? Try Vectice's cross-tool, cross-functional auto-documentation today and unlock the convenience of effortless documentation. Enhance collaboration, ensure compliance, and streamline your ML operations with Vectice.

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To learn more and get started with Vectice's Auto-documentation solution, visit our website at or reach out to our experts at Don't miss the chance to transform your ML documentation process with Vectice!


Vectice is the Auto-Documentation Solution for ML projects and their governance. Vectice automates documentation by capturing metadata, lineage, and context with simple APIs. Its web app provides real-time visibility into project progress and details.

Our mission is to revolutionize how enterprise Data Science teams manage and document their work to collaborate with the rest of the business. We develop platform-agnostic auto-documentation solutions for ML projects and their governance, providing a unified view of all data science initiatives across an organization.

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