Google Cloud Partners visiting Vectice HQ

January 25, 2022 - San Francisco, CA - At Vectice, we had the pleasure of having more than 15 CEOs and CDOs from top French enterprises get an inspiring insight into the Bay Area ecosystem during their visit to our headquarters in San Francisco.

Guided by Google Cloud, they had the opportunity to hear from our CEO, Cyril Brignone, CTO, Gregory Haardt, and Remy Thellier, Head of Growth about the unique opportunities for Data Science in this area.

Our leadership team further shared their experience of running a startup and showed how the Bay Area stands out compared with other parts of the world. This included sharing Vectice's vision about AI enterprises: Empower enterprises and their teams to establish best-in-class AI practices to accelerate the impact of AI on their business.

From Brignone, they heard first-hand stories about Data Science innovation in one of the globe’s most exciting ecosystems - the Bay Area. It was an inspiring reminder that data science can unlock new opportunities for businesses to drive data science efforts at scale when harnessed correctly.

The visit was a great success and we look forward to continuing the conversation with our French visitors in the future.

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