Certification Session: Future of AI Workflows

Our mission to equip data science professionals and leaders with the knowledge of best practices for leveraging AI workflows was made a reality with the 'Future of Data Science Workflows' Event.

In partnership with Capgemini, 23 top Data Scientists, ML Engineers joined forces in exploring best practices for leveraging AI workflows using Vectice - Data Science Management Software.

Armed with an interactive hands-on training certification - attendees discovered how to use Vectice's features and delved into the advantages of having a unified platform for establishing best-in-class AI practices. They also took part in a Q&A session about Vectice's features and capabilities.

Joined By Field Expert: Jeff Saltz

The training was accompanied by Jeff Saltz, the CEO & Founder of Data Science Process Alliance (DSPA). Drawing from his 20+ years of industry experience and 7 years of published papers on data science methodologies, he provided invaluable insights for attendees to take advantage of emerging technologies in AI workflows.

He highlighted that teams should focus on defining their unique process, breaking it down into small tasks, and iterating to reach the desired outcome. He encouraged teams to apply the agile principles to their AI workflows and continuously test, adjust, and improve.

Three main takeaways that were emphasized during the training included having the team:

  1. Defining the life cycle
  2. Using iterations to drive feedback from stakeholders
  3. Reflecting on what is working well and what can be improved.

About Capgemini's Applied Innovation Exchange

Capgemini's AIE is a global platform for innovation. It provides many advantages to organizations, enabling them to rapidly explore, identify and implement innovative solutions that can drive business impact.

Capgemini's AIE brings together a comprehensive framework for action, an expansive network of exchanges and experts, as well as Capgemini’s own capabilities. This allows organizations to quickly move from a challenge or problem statement to tangible business outcomes.

We would like to thank Capgemini for co-organizing the event and Jeff Saltz of DSPA for sharing his expertise. We believe this training will have a lasting impact on the data science community and we look forward to furthering our goal of enabling data scientists to focus on what they love.

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