Vectice Event: SCALE SF Data Science Leaders

November 23, 2022
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Vectice hosted the SCALE event for data science leaders in San Francisco. We maintain and grow a community of leaders in the field. We want to foster collaboration and conversations between our members. We assembled leaders from, Credit Karma, Yelp, Synthego, Workday and many more, to share their challenges while managing data science teams at scale.

We invited two attendees on stage for a fireside chat: Shyam Banuprakash (Clario's Vice-President of Data Science) who talked about successful collaborations with domain experts. Shailvi Wakhlu (Strava's Head of Data) discussed getting C-suite buy-in and building diverse teams. They generously shared their management struggles with the audience and tips on how to solve them:

Shyam Banuprakash, Vice President of Data Science @ Clario

"Building trust is very important. One approach is to avoid really complex models, at least in the beginning." Shyam revealed one way to build trust among teams is to start by using a simpler model for which the outputs can be easily explained and then build off of that.

Shailvi Wakhlu, Head of Data @ Strava

"Getting buy-in from executives is really about understanding everybody’s motivations. CFOs focus on the business ROI, while CMOs have marketing budgets and want to show how those initiatives also bring value to the company." Shailvi explained how the key to executive buy-in is to help every person look better in their role.

Vectice will soon post a brief event report with actionable insights and memorable quotes from the interviews. Keep an eye out on our LinkedIn page!

Our team enjoyed getting to know everyone and hearing about all of the incredible work that's being done in data science and analytics. This helps us better understand our audience and the progress made in the field. We're looking forward to continuing the conversation and seeing everyone again soon.

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